We produced an internal iPad app for SMILE DENTAL GROUP PTE LTD called Smile Hero. They wanted an internally distributed app running on a series of iPad Minis where patients could leave their feedback on the dental services provided, after treatment.

We designed the app, which included a backend web application which allowed the staff to log in and see their ‘live score’ as and when. This was meant to motivate employees to provide better customer service as well as provide an avenue for their hard work to be rewarded by appreciative patients.

Not only did we design the app and web app, we also helped to design and implement an enterprise networking system of switches and access points to ensure good wireless coverage and network security throughout the clinic.

We also produced a bilingual demo video for the client.


IMTUNEDIN PTE LTD is a tech startup based in Singapore with a sole product, the ImTunedIn platform for musicians. We built the first phase of ImTunedIn, found at

ImTunedIn is a highly sophisticated social media platform, built as a web application, with an accompanying mobile app for both iOS and Android. The only way to truly understand the scope of this project is to sign up for an account at ImTunedIn and dive straight in. Did I mention, it’s free!


We produced an app for LOOPAPP PTE LTD called Loop. They wanted an app where freelancers and ad hoc job seekers could search for jobs to do, posted by other app users who needed ad hoc work done.

The app contained a chat engine and some security features like SMS account verification, random PIN generator to authenticate users with one another. Users could then place feedback for one another after the transaction.

Loop was designed solely for the iOS platform.